Living Like Sehun and Chanyeol

By: Zessa F Ghaisani |

Sehun and Chanyeol are among the most popular members of South Korean-Chinese boy group, EXO. They created a whole new unit under the name EXO-SC, making it EXO’s second subunit after EXO-CBX, with a fresh hip hop-inspired sound. Their first debut album, titled “What a life” was just recently released on July 22nd, consisting of 6 tracks with lyrics completely written by the duo and three title tracks, “What a life”, “있어 희미하게 Just us 2”, “부르면 돼 Closer to you”, each song complemented by a music video.

The journey begins with “What a life”, in which Sehun and Chanyeol boast about their “work hard, play hard” lifestyle, with the accompanying music video showing them partying all day, all night. The beat itself sounds fun, and the “What a life, what a life, what a life” part feels kind of infectious–it’ll definitely stay in your head. The song was produced by Gaeko from Dynamic Duo, who assisted Sehun & Chanyeol on every track on the album.

Continuing the EP with the album’s second title track, “있어 희미하게 Just us 2” is an upbeat and positive track which also features Gaeko’s vocals. Beginning the track with funky tuts and Chanyeol’s rap, we’ll later hear Gaeko’s voice in the chorus.

“부르면 돼 Closer to you” is another upbeat and positive track which also serves as the third and final title track from the album. The songs tells a story of how the protagonist wants to spend more intimate time with their lover by sitting alone in the backseat, and calling a designated driver to drive them to their destination through sweet yet playful lyrics. Chanyeol’s smooth voice and Sehun’s singing undoubtedly fill the verses of the song.

“선 Borderline” is a track which was said to be written by Sehun on a two-page note. A song about an ambiguous line between friends and lovers, it really hit me hard right in the heart. The lyrics “I love you, need you, want you, oh oh. Do you love me, like I love you, need you, oh oh,” are also catchy and infectious and you’ll subconsciously sing along to this part of the song.

“롤러코스터 Roller coaster” is another fun track. Personally speaking, this is my favorite track—production wise, since the track is pretty experimental with the sound of a woman screaming in the background, also with how the team made the beat’s ups & downs, which made the mood of the song swift easily. The song was produced by Chanyeol and his Studio 519 team.

The last track, titled “夢 (몽) Daydreamin'” is another one of Studio 519’s babies. Written by Sehun and Chanyeol, and produced by Chanyeol and his Studio 519 team, the song is very sweet, and perhaps the chillest track off the album. Starting with sweet and smooth guitar, plus Chanyeol’s deep and husky singing voice, the song itself gives me a pleasant feeling.

The album feels like a present to the fans, considering fans have known Chanyeol’s love for music, and how enthusiastic he has been about music production. If you listen to the whole album, it gradually improves track by track, like the complexity, the depth of the lyrics, and the production. We can also hear more of Sehun’s singing voice in the album, and his vocals are well complemented here.

Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10

Tracks To Note: Roller coaster, Daydreamin’

Listen to the EP here


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