The 1975 and People

By: Claudia Siregar |

After the release of the newest recycle of the band name’s title track featuring teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg, The 1975 returned with “People”, a track almost everyone around me dubs “does not sound like The 1975”. I wouldn’t lie, the first listen did get me wondering if Spotify messed up and got the artist name wrong. But all jokes aside, “People” serves us with the familiar rock n’ roll that we all know and miss. As the Pitchfork review on the song said, The 1975 is indeed a real rock band – and this is my short thesis on why I agree with Pitchfork.

It’s important to note that “People” is a deviation from The Usual 1975. Reminiscent of 90’s British garage rock, The 1975’s “People” surprises us with aggressive guitar riffs, lo-fi production, and vocalist Matt Healy scream-singing (as opposed to his usual smooth crooning), telling us to “Wake up, wake up, it’s Monday morning and we’ve only got a thousand of them left”, warning us about the world’s impending doom – something they have been trying to do ever since their collaboration with Thunberg. Yet this is just the beginning of a very politically charged rock song. Healy goes on to tell us that we “need to stop just watching shit in bed”, while many issues are ruining the world, including political and environmental issues, rape culture, and the generation gap. Known for his extravagant way with words, of course he didn’t forget to remind us that the “economy’s a goner”, rhyming it with “banana”.

In conclusion, Healy is telling us to rebel for a good cause, with a solid rock sound crashing back and forth in the background. Sounds familiar? Yes, there is nothing more rock n’ roll than a wakeup call to rebel for your rights. This is not The 1975 we knew – but THE rock n’ roll we’ve always known, as The 1975 breaks it down for us.

Rating: 8.2/10

Listen to the song here:

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