EXO Is One Of The Best Live Performers in K-Pop, And Here’s Why

South Korean boy group EXO has just released a live album from their 4th headlining tour, “EXO PLANET #4 – The EℓyXiOn”. The tour marked as one of the biggest tours by a South Korean artist in 2018. Consisting of 35 songs they performed on their Seoul encore date, the live album showcases EXO’s ability in performing live—in audio format.


Sub Pop Label Playlist

Sub Pop is a Seattle music label founded by Bruce Pavitt in 1986, known for catapulting the grunge genre in the 1990s. Many would think that Sub Pop’s glory days are all in the 90s past, but the label kept recruiting fresh music from around the globe.We have compiled a playlist showcasing Sub Pop’s newest releases; sample the diversity of genres and listen to the great taste of this legendary label.

K-HipHop Recommendations

Other than boybands and girlbands and melancholic pop ballads, the Korean music industry is also filled with more-than-proficient rappers and producers specialising in hip hop. This week, we have picked out our favourite K-hiphop jams for you to enjoy from both once-underground Korean rappers and skilled idol rappers.

Review: Assume Form by James Blake

James Blake is not a stranger to music fans all over the world. The singer-songwriter-producer has contributed in producing and being featured in some of the finest albums of this decade. As a singer-songwriter, James Blake has released four studio albums, including his latest album, Assume Form, which was released on January 18, 2019. The Electropop / Alternative R&B album is an introspective take on his past ghosts, which was explored on his first three albums, the aftermath, and everything in between.