Terima Kost Putri: More Than Just Their Name

I could not contain my curiosity when I heard that there’s a local band called Terima Kost Putri—a usual Indonesian tagline in advertisements where landlords are looking to rent out their rooms for women. Turns out, they are more than just their name, and they’re here to prove it.


Living Like Sehun and Chanyeol

Sehun and Chanyeol are among the most popular members of South Korean-Chinese boy group, EXO. They created a whole new unit under the name EXO-SC, making it EXO’s second subunit after EXO-CBX, with a fresh hip hop-inspired sound. Their first debut album, titled “What a life” was just recently released on July 22nd, consisting of 6 tracks with lyrics completely written by the duo and three title tracks, “What a life”, “있어 희미하게 Just us 2”, “부르면 돼 Closer to you”, each song complemented by a music video.