EMO NIGHT JKT: Love is For Losers – A Gig Review

Last Saturday, our team got a chance to attend EMO NIGHT JKT: Love is for Losers, at Miss Qi, Melawai. The event is a monthly event held by Crowdsurfers.id focusing on pop-punk and emo songs played by DJs and performing guests. With regular performers such as Janitra Satriani and Dion Mashiro, and other performers such as Silver/Gold and The Boris Suit, Emo Night JKT succeeded in luring “emo citizens” of Jakarta to gather in this one night event, and sing along to emo anthems together.

Enjoying Peniel Shin’s Valentine Gift

Mainly known as a part of K-pop vocal powerhouse group BTOB’s rap line and the only American member of the group, Peniel Shin is back with his single “Valentine”, marking his first official solo release after the fun, EDM-influenced “That Girl”. The full-English, rather mature-sounding single was released on Soundcloud right on Valentine’s day.

Replying Ardhito Pramono’s Letter to His 17 Year Old Self

A renowned newcomer in the Indonesian jazz music scene has recently made a comeback with his new extended play. That newcomer, of course, is Ardhito Pramono, who started his jazz career in 2017, gaining popularity in 2018 with his hit single “Bitterlove”. First started out as a YouTube singer, he is now a recording artist under Sony Music Indonesia, well known for being an all-rounder, his unique jazzy style of music, and his soothing voice.

One OK…Rock?

As one of the leading acts in the J-rock scene, ONE OK ROCK has found themselves at the heights of international fame, and now they are back with their ninth studio album “Eye of the Storm” – a fresh release following the singles “Stand Out Fit In”, “Change”, and “Wasted Nights”. Though the album received an abundance of praises, whether it retains ONE OK ROCK’s original J-rock sound – or even any kind of rock-influenced sound – is definitely still up for debate.

Weekly Playlist, vol. 10

Our team of nine is back with our weekly “I don’t care what genre this song is, what matters is that it sounds good to me” playlist, and this time we’re bringing in more of what we’d call a “local flavour”, with a selection of tunes from big names such as Pamungkas, Pee Wee Gaskins, Ardhito Pramono, and Janitra Satriani, blended in a mixtape along with a variety of foreign artists (e.g. BTOB’s Lee Changsub, Jeff Bernat, Okkultokrati, and Kali Uchis). Enjoy!