Reality Club’s ‘Telenovia’: Life Is But A Dream

The very thing we noticed the first time when Indonesian rock band Reality Club’s first single in two years was released is its intriguing title. It’s a play on two words: “telenovela,” which is a television genre popular in Latin America that’s close to a soap opera, and “novia,” the Spanish word for “lover.”

Introducing: Black Canvas

Introducing Black Canvas, a Melbourne-based duo formed in 2014 by Louis Pyo and Syena Radityatama. With Louis’ background in metal and Syena’s past works with his solo blue project, together Black Canvas formed a solid guitar-based unit, with strong blues elements in their music.

Oldies N Chill

During a vacay week like this, a little relaxation (and nostalgia, maybe) is needed. Unwind with these oldies-but-goodies playlist we’ve recently curated!

Evaluating Hindia’s Evaluasi

Indonesian rock band .Feast’s vocalist Baskara Putra has released his very own solo single under the sobriquet “Hindia”, which he has previously described as “something for everybody” on his social media posts. And turns out, Evaluasi is something for everybody. It’s not just a pop song – it’s a story of hope and a public note regarding an important social issue.

Underrated Tracks: My Chemical Romance Special

As one of the world’s greatest rock bands of all time, My Chemical Romance left a great mark on a lot of people’s hearts. The alternative rock band is known for their dark-themed lyrics, aggressive yet melodic musical style, eccentric looks, and conceptual albums. And what better way to commemorate the sixth anniversary of their “death” than to listen to some of their hidden gems?

At Last, Hozier’s “Wasteland, Baby!” is Here

Hozier is back with his new album, Wasteland, Baby! The Irish musician Andrew Hozier-Byrne (singing under the homonym Hozier) continues his hot musicianship of sweet, sweet folk-rock with an overdue follow-up to his 2014 self-titled album. It’s been five years since we heard “Take Me To Church” playing repeatedly on our airwaves, and we believe that the songs in Wasteland, Baby! will stand to the same acclaim he has in his 2014 release.