Sound Check vol. 7, with Terima Kost Putri

On October 27th, Terima Kost Putri (TKP The Band) held their very first concert, “Konser Metafase” in celebration of the release of their debut EP. The Speedofsound Mag team had the chance to interview the band on their creative processes, their thoughts on social issues, and a lot of other things.

Sound Check, vol. 4 with Lightcraft

Anthemic indie rock band Lightcraft is back with their newest album, ‘Us Is All’. To mark the release of this album on June 27th, they also held a gig with various indie rock/indie pop artists such as Rebelsuns, Tanayu, Agrikulture, Neonomora, Aya Anjani, Muhammad Arief of Rumahsakit, Nanin Wardhani of Nonaria, Rai Putriansyah, Sakti, Estusk, and Provoke! Repro Alumni Choir. We had the chance to discuss about Lightcraft’s inspiration in making ‘Us Is All’ and their opinion on the current Indonesian indie rock scene.