Mixtape: Emo Ballads

Emo is often associated with harsh (yet still melodic) punk rock-influenced guitar riffs. Yet a lot of emo bands make use of slower tempo and softer sounds to convey the emotional element of their songs (which is the main essence of the emo culture itself). Here’s a mixtape of the best emo ballads of all time.

EMO NIGHT JKT: Love is For Losers – A Gig Review

Last Saturday, our team got a chance to attend EMO NIGHT JKT: Love is for Losers, at Miss Qi, Melawai. The event is a monthly event held by Crowdsurfers.id focusing on pop-punk and emo songs played by DJs and performing guests. With regular performers such as Janitra Satriani and Dion Mashiro, and other performers such as Silver/Gold and The Boris Suit, Emo Night JKT succeeded in luring “emo citizens” of Jakarta to gather in this one night event, and sing along to emo anthems together.