Mental Health in the Music Industry

With a lot of recent deaths because of suicide among musicians in the past few years, mental health in the music industry has been a major talking point, with a lot of artists being open about their mental health and also advocating it at the same time. Efforts to accommodate musicians’ mental health have also risen in recent times.

RUU Permusikan: What You Need to Know

You’ve seen it on the news. You’ve seen your favorite Indonesian musicians advocating against it, and you’ve seen your friends post about it. But what exactly is RUU Permusikan? This post will give you the basics of this bill that’s about to be passed by the Indonesian government, and what it means to the Indonesian music industry at large.

The (Computer) Science Behind Your Music App’s Shuffle Algorithm

In this general music knowledge article, contributor Patricia Kusumaningtyas will take you into a world where you are a software engineering in a music streaming company tasked to create the perfect shuffle algorithm. You will realize that a simple random shuffle wouldn’t cut it, and you have to create a “smart” shuffle in order to make your music shuffling algorithm as even as possible.