Sound Check, vol. 3 with rebelsuns

rebelsuns might be one of the first names to pop up in the conversation when we talk about Indonesian synthpop. Our team recently had a chance to interview the duo, Gilang (Lan) and Dai, about their newest single’s creative process and what they think about the Asian synthpop scene.

Sound Check, vol. 1 with Sal Priadi

There’s nobody quite like Sal Priadi in the Indonesian music industry; there’s a focus on sincerity and honesty in his craft, but at the same time, there’s a great care put on exhibiting grandeur and flair. Securing a set on We The Fest—possibly Indonesia’s biggest music festival—while working on some new music, juggling through collaborations with other musicians, and gathering a fan following to boot, Sal Priadi is on his way to great things.

Introducing: Black Canvas

Introducing Black Canvas, a Melbourne-based duo formed in 2014 by Louis Pyo and Syena Radityatama. With Louis’ background in metal and Syena’s past works with his solo blue project, together Black Canvas formed a solid guitar-based unit, with strong blues elements in their music.

Peeking Inside Jibs’ Empty Room

On May 31st, local rapper Jibs released his single “Empty Room”. Produced and mixed by none other than himself under the mononym sleepyboi, Jibs serves us with a lo-fi hip hop track decorated with trap beats and self-written lyrics about lingering heartbreak and his perspective on life.

Hindia’s ‘Secukupnya’: Sadness in Moderation

“Kapan terakhir kali kamu dapat tertidur tenang?” (When was the last time you slept well?) The question echoes on Hindia’s (also known as vocalist Baskara Putra) first line of his latest single, “Secukupnya.” It’s a rhetorical question, but it calls on us to answer it. Baskara asks us to stop for a while and evaluate that.