Sebuah Ulasan Kronologis dari “Nyala”

Saya pertama kali mendengar lagu “Nyala” pada konser Sal Priadi di sebuah mal di Jakarta pada bulan Juli, namun saya belum begitu memperhatikan lagu pembuka ini; sampai satu bulan kemudian, dimana naratif hidup saya mengikuti secara persis naratif yang Sal bawa. Enam bulan setelah itu, Sal Priadi akhirnya merilis versi studio dari “Nyala,” dan saya kembali mengingat-ingat kenapa lagu ini sangat mempengaruhi hidup saya enam bulan yang lalu.

Sound Check, vol. 10: Hindia

2019 has been a big year for Baskara Putra. After years of getting his hands dirty in rock music as the main vocalist for .Feast, he kickstarted his solo project with the moniker Hindia. After releasing a string of singles, Baskara released his first album under Hindia, Menari Dengan Bayangan, last November, and since then it rose to numerous critical acclaim, charting at numerous year-end lists by multiple sources I talked to Baskara about fame, community, technology, and the role of music as evangelism.

Dancing With Your Sorrows in “Menari Dengan Bayangan”

Hindia’s long-awaited debut album is finally here. After a string of pre-released singles, Baskara Putra explores his own mind with his latest release. Menari Dengan Bayangan is definitely a close look of Hindia as an artist—an indie pop/rock music album version of the self-portrait painting—conveyed artistically, musically, and lyrically. Baskara Putra mixes the personal and the public in this debut record.

Bilal Indrajaya is Here to Stay in “Purnama”

Bilal Indrajaya is mostly known for his singles “Biar” and “Ruang Kecil,” and also collaborated with Vira Talisa in her single “He’s Got Me Singing Again.” As shown from his songs and aesthetic, he’s somewhat of an old soul, heavily drawing on influences from bands like The Beatles and scenes like late ’60s psychedelia. He recently released his debut EP Purnama, and while it touches on familiar themes and sounds, it takes its listeners through a stylistic and emotional rollercoaster. Check out our review of Purnama on our blog now.

Review: Harvest Fair by Summer Salt

Summer Salt is finally back after their hiatus. Not only they have revealed a new single last November, they have also released a new album last September – from which they will donated their earnings to Planned Parenthood, Safe, and Music Care, right after the removal of one of their members, Phil Baier, due to allegations of sexual abuse targeting fans.