Mental Health in the Music Industry

With a lot of recent deaths because of suicide among musicians in the past few years, mental health in the music industry has been a major talking point, with a lot of artists being open about their mental health and also advocating it at the same time. Efforts to accommodate musicians’ mental health have also risen in recent times.

Grammy’s 2019 Recap!

The biggest night in music just happened last Sunday, February 10th, at its regular home at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. After a few controversies, this year’s Grammys is a solid step forward compared to last year’s, both in the awards they presented and the performances they held.

The Classical Series, vol. 3: Classical Sampling and Influences in Rock and Metal Music

At first, it may seem a bit difficult to find a link between the “harshness” of rock and metal music and the stereotypical “soothing” sounds of classical music – yet the similarity could not have been any more prominent, with the presence of classical sampling in many rock songs, the emergence of neo-classical metal bands, and guitar solos and riffs that somewhat imitate symphonies.