Remembering Sulli

South Korean singer-songwriter Sulli died a week ago in Seoul. Sulli, who started her career through the girl group f(x), remains largely recognizable through her work in K-pop and the Korean entertainment industry at large. Her untimely death reminds us that the strenuous music industry needs to care more about mental health and self-care among both producers and consumers of music.

Underrated f(x) Tracks

Korean girl group f(x) is well-known for their experimental dance-pop tracks, the members’ outstanding dance skills, and their quirky image. In this article, we have compiled a list of underrated f(x) tracks, especially ones that highlight the experimental side of their music and their high quality production.

Even So: Exploring A New Side of F(X)’s LUNA

With experimental k-pop group f(X)’s long hiatus, no one really expected the group or one of the members to have a comeback any time soon. Yet main vocalist Luna is back with her self-composed single “Even So”, which this time around highlights her ability as a composer rather than a main vocalist with a light yet powerful soprano voice.