Nature Talks with Reruntuh

After making his debut earlier this year with his single “Samuderasa”, ambient folk soloist Eky Rizkani, also known as Reruntuh, has released his first album “Runtuh, Tumbuh” under Labuan Records and Spotlight Musik.

Terima Kost Putri: More Than Just Their Name

I could not contain my curiosity when I heard that there’s a local band called Terima Kost Putri—a usual Indonesian tagline in advertisements where landlords are looking to rent out their rooms for women. Turns out, they are more than just their name, and they’re here to prove it.

Introducing: Black Canvas

Introducing Black Canvas, a Melbourne-based duo formed in 2014 by Louis Pyo and Syena Radityatama. With Louis’ background in metal and Syena’s past works with his solo blue project, together Black Canvas formed a solid guitar-based unit, with strong blues elements in their music.