Foundations of Dream Pop 101

Dream pop is a sub-genre derived from a mix of alternative rock and neo-psychedelia that developed in the 1980s. It gives you a floating, dreamy sensation when you listen to the songs from this sub-genre – hence the name “dream pop”. Contributor Dinda Aza’Ara Putri has compiled a starter dream pop playlist for those who are interested in diving more into the dream pop world. Enjoy!

Not Sad, Pretty Fulfilled: The Review

Hailing all the way from Yogyakarta, Indonesian alt-rock three-piece Grrrl Gang made their most recent comeback with their mini album “Not Sad, Not Fulfilled”. The mini album consists of five tracks fresh out of the oven (save for “Pop Princess” and “Dream Grrrl” – these two tracks were released as a single earlier this year), topped with a somewhat colourful retro aesthetic to suit the theme of the highly anticipated mini album.