A Beginner’s Guide to the Early Norwegian Black Metal Scene

The early Norwegian black metal scene first emerged in the 1990s, and has resulted in producing groundbreaking artists that also attracted massive media attention for a lot of messed up stories. This article introduces bands of the early Norwegian black metal scene to start with, including the recommended albums for first-timers to the scene. Some of them have altered into more various musical styles and don’t remain black metal in their discographies, but still, these names are some of the most renowned pioneers of the scene.

Playlist: Under a Funeral Moon — Darkthrone and Other Associated Acts

This playlist curated by Ralka Skjerseth consists of tunes by Darkthrone and their associated acts. Darkthrone themselves are a black metal band from Kolbotn, Norway that started off as a death metal band in 1986 under the name Black Death. They have many associated acts to name, and those include the solo projects/side projects of the members and the projects where the members were guest performers of.