Billie Eilish Is Coming For Us With “bury a friend”

Rising pop star, Billie Eilish, is coming for us with her latest single, “bury a friend”. While announcing the release of her upcoming debut album which has no official date yet, the singer also revealed the artwork for her upcoming album, “WHILE WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”.

A Brief Inquiry Into How Online Relationships Are Breaking or Making The 1975

As we all know, Matt Healy and friends are back in town with another album after throwing out a few songs online (Give Yourself A Try and Sincerity Is Scary to name a few). The heavily anticipated album (at least it was heavily anticipated by fans) presented us with 15 tracks, all either with the usual 1975 touch – or not at all, which makes this album quite an interesting one.