Sound Check, vol. 11: Christabel Annora

Christabel Annora and her work are refusing to conform to a single artistic discipline. She is a singer, songwriter, and illustrator that hails from Malang, East Java, and is using her art to convey the versatility of her experience. Her go-to musical instrument is the piano, and as exhibited in her sophomore album, Dari Jauh, released last October, she can make such a simple instrument shine in her own way.


Sebuah Ulasan Kronologis dari “Nyala”

Saya pertama kali mendengar lagu “Nyala” pada konser Sal Priadi di sebuah mal di Jakarta pada bulan Juli, namun saya belum begitu memperhatikan lagu pembuka ini; sampai satu bulan kemudian, dimana naratif hidup saya mengikuti secara persis naratif yang Sal bawa. Enam bulan setelah itu, Sal Priadi akhirnya merilis versi studio dari “Nyala,” dan saya kembali mengingat-ingat kenapa lagu ini sangat mempengaruhi hidup saya enam bulan yang lalu.

Simmer: Hayley Williams’ Next Level?

Paramore sudah berjalan kurang lebih 16 tahun lamanya berawal dengan taste pop punk lewat single hitsnya “Emergency”, “Misery Business” dan “That’s What You Get” hingga mencoba untuk bereksperimen soul, synthpop seperti “Ain’t Fun” dan “Hard Times” saja sudah cukup mengejutkan para penggemarnya. Tapi sepertinya memang Hayley Williams senang mencoba sesuatu yang baru dengan musiknya sekarang ini.

Sound Check, vol. 10: Hindia

2019 has been a big year for Baskara Putra. After years of getting his hands dirty in rock music as the main vocalist for .Feast, he kickstarted his solo project with the moniker Hindia. After releasing a string of singles, Baskara released his first album under Hindia, Menari Dengan Bayangan, last November, and since then it rose to numerous critical acclaim, charting at numerous year-end lists by multiple sources I talked to Baskara about fame, community, technology, and the role of music as evangelism.

Sound Check, vol. 9: Bilal Indrajaya

Bilal Indrajaya is not your people-pleasing songwriter; the musician who hails from Tangerang Selatan writes music that is far from anthems or battle cries. Instead, he writes deeply personal songs that hits close to his listeners’ home. Bilal Indrajaya not only shines through his musicality, but we can hear from his work that he also respects the musicians that came before him and memorializes them in a way that is also uniquely himself.

A Very Brief Study of Crowdsurfing in the Rock Music Scene

A while ago, our team had the chance to attend the third installment of the rock festival Paguyuban Crowdsurf at Rossi Musik Fatmawati, Jakarta. Presenting diverse local indie rock acts including Rekah, Dental Surf Kombat, Cumloud, Piston, .Feast, and Tarrkam, the show gathered rock enthusiasts from all over Jakarta to crowdsurf all night long – a move that is both special to the rock music movement and of course, authorities. But what is it that makes the act of crowdsurfing so iconic yet often banned at the same time?

60’s Rock Gallore

60’s music, especially 60’s rock is pretty diverse in its own way. While everyone remembers Sgt Pepper, there are other works of art from this very rich decade that might catch your interest. Here they are!

Ngulik, vol. 1: Overview of the Icelandic Music Scene

When it comes to the Icelandic music scene, people would instantly associate it with Björk and Sigur Rós. But actually, there’s so much more than those two names in the Icelandic music scene, as it consists of a tremendous diversity that would blow your mind. This article written by co-editor Ralka Skjerseth will unravel many sides of the Icelandic music scene that you all should check out.