Loma Prieta is Back With “Continuum”

By: Immanuel Mathias |

Having spent their summer tour with the reunion of Jeromes Dream, the American screamo/powerviolence band hailing from San Fransisco, California has finally pre-released their new single titled “Continuum” , the first track off Loma Prieta’s upcoming two singles to be released on January 10th under the label Deathwish.
After being “asleep” for so long, 4 years after they released their “self-Portrait” album in 2015, Loma Prieta is finally back with their new material.

It’s best not to expect too many screams coming out of vocalist Brian Kanagaki this time around. Unlike Loma Prieta’s previous stuff, “Continuum” will give you a different feel, introducing listeners to a more shoegazy stuff with a post-new blackwave texture – like tasting whisky with a new variant. It’s safe to say that Loma Prieta’s composition of the genre is quite smart.
Curious about the next surprise Loma Prieta will offer their listeners in their new single titled “Fate”? Wait for their next move in January 2020 – only on Loma Prieta’s bandcamp.

Listen to Loma Prieta here:

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