The 1975’s Frail State of Mind

By: Claudia Siregar |

The 1975 made another comeback this year with the release of their single “Frail State of Mind”. The track is the third pre-released single off their 2020 album “Notes on a Conditional Form”, following “The 1975” and “People”. Drastically different from the garage rock-infused, heavy “People”, “Frail State of Mind” leans toward an ambient and electronic-based sound, just slightly reminiscent of “TOOTIMETOOTIME”. Don’t expect a concert hall-banging number this time around, because “Frail State of Mind” is not “Girls”. It’s not “The Sound” or “Love It If We Made It” either. It’s the other side of The 1975 they’ve always shown us through B-sides rather than singles.

To say the least, “Frail State of Mind” sounds rather experimental, with a monotonous beat and a slow to moderate tempo. This is of no surprise to us, however, since The 1975 is well-known to have an always-evolving sound. Being experimental is no longer experimental for The 1975 – it would be much more surprising for the band to release something that sounds similar to their previous works. Yet lyrically, unlike the previous pre-released singles which were all about the young generation taking action against world issues such as climate change, the song takes us back to The 1975’s usual programming as Healy sings about being severely depressed and not wanting to “bore you with my frail state of mind”.

Listen to The 1975 here:

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