A Reflection of Lunar Motel’s Mind Reflection

By: Michael Kevin |

The Jakarta-based indie pop duo Lunar Motel returned with another single titled “Mind Reflection” a few months after the release of their debut single “Modern Greek Tragedy”. With a different theme in comparison to their previous single which tackled the theme of losing someone you deeply desire,“Mind Reflections” tackles the theme of contemplation and restospection towards one’s self, coated with an easy-listening citypop influence that’s atmospherically melancholic, similar to the duo’s previous single.

As the title suggests, lyrically the song talks a lot about self-reflection, without knowing how to move along with the struggle. The negative thoughts that are indirectly implied in the lyrics suggest that they need a solution on how to end the negative thoughts, but they still have no clue on how to find the solution. And eventually, they end up still contemplating and hoping to find a way out.

As a whole, Lunar Motel brought another solid single in “Mind Reflections”, in which they managed to keep the quality from their previous single, with the ambience of the song sticking to the theme and the lyrics and also the clarity of the message that the members of the duo, Pradhaneswara Vikramandaru and Raka Adhitama, wanted to convey. And with an EP currently on the work, excitement for future releases keeps building up for the listeners of Lunar Motel.

Listen to Lunar Motel here:

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