Editorial: Top Ten Underrated K-Drama OSTs

By: Claudia Siregar |

The Hallyu wave has introduced us to Korean drama (K-drama), which soon enough became very popular all around Asia. K-pop idols and non-idol singers were tasked with recording original soundtracks for these dramas, some even making it to the top ranks of various charts. Yet some OSTs became forgotten in a few years, despite deserving more recognition from the general public. Thus, we present you with a list of ten must-hear underrated K-drama OST. Enjoy.

Because I Miss You by Jung Yong Hwa
Other than for his cool visual and image, Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE is also known for his songwriting skills. This orchestral, acoustic guitar-heavy ballad was composed, written, and sung by Jung himself for his 2011 drama Heartstrings.

Make It Count by Chen
EXO Chen astonishes us with his silky vocals in this not-so-retro retro pop track. The bluesy rhythm of the song combined with Chen’s voice will definitely carry you away.

If Only by Sejeong
One of Produce’s biggest names and main vocalist of Gugudan, Kim Sejeong is famous for her powerful vocals, which she demonstrates in this unfortunately underrated melancholic piano ballad.

Hey by Paul Kim
Singer-songwriter Paul Kim presents us with a more diverse-than-usual arrangement in this OST he sang for Loveplaylist2. Differing from Kim’s usual work, “Hey” is an upbeat pop track reminiscent of mid 2000’s K-drama soundtrack.

Rewrite…If I Can by Ailee
As one of K-pop’s most successful powerhouses, Ailee has given birth to many top-charting OSTs. This one, however, a piano ballad that peaks at a very powerful high note, is a gem that can be considered deserving of more praises.

What I Wanted to Say by Lee Hongki
The FTISLAND vocalist is known for his emotional delivery of rock ballads – this one, however, goes rather unheard of when people talk about OSTs. A sentimental track dominated by Hongki’s powerful, melancholic vocals and acoustic guitar sounds, this masterpiece is easily the best takeaway from the drama Bride of the Century.

Hope Is A Dream That Never Sleeps by Kyuhyun
The so-called “prince of ballads” makes good use of his lower register in one of his first OSTs – a timeless, very SM-ish orchestral ballad with encouraging lyrics.

Farewell Ballad by Baek A Yeon
JYP artists are seldom known for their ballads, but Baek A Yeon is an exception. Farewell Ballad, however, is one of her ballads that went unheard of with time. The chord progression and clean production is noteworthy and deserving of more fame.

My Self In My Heart by Kwak Jin Eon
While My Mister caught the attention of many due to its cast especially IU, it’s worth noting that the OST by Kwak Jin Eon – both in piano and acoustic guitar versions – is also worth listening to.

Our Tears by Hyolyn
The Hwarang OST presents us with one of SISTAR’s Hyolyn’s best vocal performances to date over the sounds of a piano. Enough said.

Listen here:

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