Tiad Hilm’s Downpour: A Man’s Confession

By: Claudia Siregar |

Semarang-based rapper/singer/producer Tiad Hilm of HILLS. Collective is back with his latest single Downpour. Unlike his previous releases, Downpour is more vocal-heavy, with more singing than rapping parts, something completely new to his listeners. The track also features occasional electric guitar sounds, adding synth rock elements to the song – again, something completely new from Hilm, considering his lo-fi hip hop background. As for the overall sound design itself, Downpour is still as lo-fi as Tiad Hilm can get. It is, however, slightly more upbeat in tempo than his previous releases. After all, changes in an artist’s sound signifies growth – most of the time – and in this case, “growing” is the most perfect word to describe Hilm as an artist.

This 5-minute track is packed with Hilm singing about solitude, loneliness, and not meeting expectations despite of doing your best. Hilm conveys that as a young man, feelings of alienation and not being “enough” according to society’s expectations often surround him and cause him to detach himself mentally and physically from those around him, throwing himself into solitude, and finally realising that he only wants to be acknowledged as a person. Downpour is a tale of how young people, despite their alleged lack of experience, just want to be treated and acknowledged as a part of society. It is also a tale of how a man is not afraid to embrace his emotional and fragile side and let the world know that he cares about those listening to his song and would like them to know that they are not alone.

Listen to Tiad Hilm here:

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