Moon Gang captivates us with “The Visit”

By: Patricia Kusumaningtyas |

In Bam Mastro and Karaeng Adjie’s supergroup, Moon Gang, we can honestly expect anything. With Bam Mastro coming from the eclectic electronic rock sound off of his solo work and his work as vocalist of Elephant Kind, and with Karaeng Adjie’s new sound as the vocalist of Polka Wars reminiscent to those of 2000s Indonesian Malay rock bands, it takes a hard guess for their listeners to pin out what kind of sound they will produce with Moon Gang. And with their newest single released called “The Visit,” Moon Gang starts slow while other supergroups start hard.

The artwork for the single is an empty bed with neon lights in the night time. And, indeed, the song evokes the artwork that comes with it. The song starts with steady drums that alternate between left and right—props to the amazing production Moon Gang has to offer, even in their first track. The music then escalates to slow guitars and synths, with Bam Mastro starting the vocals.

The instrumentation remains steady throughout the entire song. Bam Mastro and Karaeng Adjie trade verses, consecutively singing about their heartache. However melancholic the whole song is, the part that resonated with me the most is the end of the chorus: “You never needed / You never needed me.” It is a sullen reminder of those late nights we’ve all been through once or twice (or more) in our lives—we put on this mask by daytime, in front of other people, that we’ve lost all feelings towards a person and we’ve completely moved on. However, when it reaches midnight, our masks are off and our emotion flows throughout sleepless nights of longing that seem to go on forever. “The Visit” could go on forever, like dwelling in the night.

With a slow yet steady first single by Moon Gang, there are still so many directions this supergroup can go to. Will their first album remain a testament for those late nights? Will it lean towards Bam Mastro’s electronic rock roots? Or will it lean towards Karaeng Adjie’s more mainstream rock? We have no way of knowing—but that’s what makes it exciting.

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