What Do You Really Know About Reality Club?

By: Dinda Aza’ara Putri

After 2 years of waiting, indie rock Jakarta-based band Reality Club has finally released a new album. Consisting of members Fathia Izzati, Faiz Novascotia Saripudin, Iqbal Anggakusuma, Nugi Wicaksono and Era Patigo, the band presents us with a different vibe from their debut album “Never Get Better”. Before the release of the album, singles SSR, Alexandra and Telenovia have already aired on various digital platforms as an introduction to “What Do You Really Know?”. After releasing the album, Reality Club embarked on a tour around Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

“What You Really Know?” came with a total of eleven songs that will trigger a mood roller coaster in you. At the beginning of the album is Prologue, a preface title that starts with the sound of a car stopping on the road, a guitar passage, and calming violin sounds, and ends with electronic distortions which would prepare you for the next single, SSR. Different from Prologue, you can feel the elements of electronic guitar and drums dominating the track and complementing Fathia & Faiz’s voices, singing out lyrics that sound rather morbid. All Along All Things Were Wrong will pump your heartbeat and force you to dance for the rest of the song. Caught in a Trap is about someone who realises that they’re trapped by their own feelings of love. Like the previous tracks off the album, the song still brings on a rather dark theme. Unlike the title of the song, the next song off the album, The Rush, is complemented by slow beats. It feels like Reality Club is telling their fans to take some rest for a while before jumping out to dance to the next song. The songs is about someone looking for the motivation to stay alive.

Vita o morte is all about disbelief, in which Fathia plays the role of a strong woman who plans to expose her lying lover through a song. Telenovia talks about a hopeless relationship. The instrumental and a conversation between Faiz and Fathia in Spanish add to the melodramatic backdrop of the song. The instrumental from On My Own, Again reminds us of the band’s previous album. Next, we’ve got Alexandra, a love song from the point of view of a man who falls in love with a girl named Alexandra. The song’s melancholic vibes and Faiz’s voice perfectly convey the sad aura of the song. A Sorrowful Reunion talks about a former couple meeting each other again after a long time. 2112 is about a couple who are questioning whether they are meant to be together or not. Similar to On My Own, Again , the song is reminiscent of “Never Get Better”.

Overall, Reality Club’s second album proves that the band has matured, gifting us with songs about common issues in relationships. This album is recommended for those who are into the more romantic, melancholic side of pop rock.

Rating: 8/10

Listen to Reality Club here:

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