Featured Artist: The Struggle of Living in Urban Cities, As Explained by Scenario

By: Michael Kevin |

Yogyakarta-based punk rock band, Scenario, returns with another single titled “Merancang Peradaban” after releasing their first single “Resolution” which was released a few months ago this year. The band, which currently consists of vocalist and guitarist Aji Wicaksono, guitarist Syukron Alaik “Aik”, and bassist F.X Septian Onggo Saputro, had a change in personnel after a former member, Isti Aditya Putra, decided to withdraw from the band due to work affairs.

The single, which was released earlier this August, is a 4-minute long smooth, yet empowering pop punk track, with lyrics talking about the struggle of living in a larger and more crowded urban cities, where people from smaller towns go to. Each and every single one of them have their own different purposes of living in urban cities, whether they are pursuing their studies or working there. Starting slow and smooth from the guitar strum, which has a slight similarity with Julien Baker’s “Funeral Pyre”, the track’s lyrics, which were written by the vocalist of Scenario, Aji Wicaksono, start out with how urban cities, with its shops and intersections give hopes and promises to the people who dreamed of success and strides in their lives. As time goes by, they’re starting to be swallowed by crowds, trying to reach their hopes and dreams that they desired for in the first place, and from time to time, the biased urban living is making them weary with struggles and rejections stumbling along the way.

Halfway into the track, the mood suddenly changes with intensity that starts to rise up, with intense instrumentals playing as an interlude between the first part of the song and the last part of the song. The last part of the song roughly talks about how the laughter shared between friends will always be remembered, and how wounds disappear slowly with time. The very last part of the song talks about plans to move on with our lives, ending the song with a subtle message of motivation to the listeners who might relate into the song, especially the ones who are far away from their home to pursue their dreams. Overall, it’s a great song with great balladry and a great message that indirectly tells us not to give up, even if the hopes and dreams that we desire the most might not come in the way that we wanted.

Listen to their song here:

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