The Schuberts – Panic Mixie Dream Boy / Dyin’ Young: An Advice on Handling Life in Our 20s

By: Syahzanan H.F. (Nan) |

The indie-rock band that was formed in Kiaracondong, Bandung has finally released their single “Panic Mixie Dream Boy” / “Dyin’ Young” for their upcoming album this year. Influenced by British indie rock, the band debuted with their first EP Kircland back in 2016. Their new digital single album contains two songs depicting the typical life stories of people in their 20s, from a problematic love life to peer pressure.

The first track,”‘Panic Mixie Dream Boy,” is decorated by a lot of 90s garage rock electric guitar sounds along with light drums that add an easy listening touch to the song. The lyrics talk about the urge of looping in life. It says that sometimes, out of nowhere, we meet a person that we fall in love with, up until the point where either the other person or we have to leave even though we both knew from the start that we were not going to be together forever.

Meanwhile, “Dyin’ Young” has a more pop sound than the previous track – albeit the fact that you can still hear that major British indie rock influences in the song. The guitar improvisation has a big effect on bridging satirical lyrics with the overall sound design. The lyrics tell us to go easy and not to pressure ourselves during our 20s, to just continue living since we’re not the only ones going through a quarter life crisis. Also, the song’s lyrics reflect on the feeling of being misunderstood and being asked about career and other personal life-related stuff by people who do not understand us.

Overall, this single has shown that The Schuberts have musically matured, making them more substantial as a band. Additionally, both songs are a fitting road companion for you while driving. However, these two songs are also kind of similar to each other harmony-wise – even though they tell a completely different story from each other.

I hope their next album, which is supposed to be released soon, will involve more exploration into the indie rock genre and possibly cross-collaboration of different genres. Though my favorite song off the single album in terms of its harmonies would be ‘Panic Mixie Dream Boy’, I love how the lyrics to ‘Dyin’ Young’ represents the things that need to be said about living a life in our twenties.

Rating: 8.5/10

Listen to the single album here:

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