Black Canvas pt. II: A Bluesy Atmosphere

By: Michael Kevin |

Australia-based band, Black Canvas, comes back with another EP release following their debut self-titled EP release last year. The EP, which consists of 7 songs, once again sets the theme of the EP with lush and atmospheric blues-pop, complemented by jangly guitars and balladry from each of the songs, sharing similarities with artists such as Melanie Faye. The EP has an upbeat, yet mellow feeling from the instrumentals, but the gut-wrenching lyrics makes each and every song in the EP feel bittersweet.

However, while some of the songs are instrumentally and lyrically decent, some of the songs feel a bit underwhelming in the aspects of the production value, as if it’s lacking some pieces to make the songs really enjoyable as a whole. Also, the EP feels a bit too monotone if listened as a whole, sticking to the main theme a bit too much.

Overall, “Black Canvas Pt. II” is a decent follow-up EP after their self-titled release, in which listeners might enjoy the instrumentals from Syena Radityatama and vocals from Louis Pyo. While the band is new to the industry and has not reached their breakthrough moment yet, there is a big potential for the band to improve and thrive as an artist.

Listen to their new EP here:

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