Wealth Politics in Rosalía’s “Fucking Money Man”

It’s easy to guess that Rosalía is singing about the joys of having lots and lots of money in her newest two-single release, “Fucking Money Man.” However, as Rosalia usually does, she challenges our expectations. And she did it all in the native language of her hometown Barcelona—Catalan.

Tribute to B.I: iKON of the Revolution

Recent controversies and his departure from YG Entertainment have lifted leader, rapper, and producer of hip hop-infused K-pop group iKON B.I’s name onto the media. But did you know B.I was responsible for the production of iKON’s biggest hits and success?

Sound Check, vol. 1 with Sal Priadi

There’s nobody quite like Sal Priadi in the Indonesian music industry; there’s a focus on sincerity and honesty in his craft, but at the same time, there’s a great care put on exhibiting grandeur and flair. Securing a set on We The Fest—possibly Indonesia’s biggest music festival—while working on some new music, juggling through collaborations with other musicians, and gathering a fan following to boot, Sal Priadi is on his way to great things.