Karsha: A Dreamy Walk Into The Light

By: Claudia Siregar |

Chamber pop is not a common genre in the local music scene. Karsha, a newcomer in the industry, proceeds to reintroduce the genre to the scene. The Yogyakarta-based band, consisting of Agustina Lestari on vocals, Alfin on guitar and vocals, Yusdhy Prakoso on guitar, Ari Armanda on guitar, Yuri Ramadan on bass, Syarif Hidayattulah on keyboard, and Yordannata Rindhi on drums, was formed in 2017, during which they started performing on various stages in Yogyakarta. They later debuted with their first single “Shield” in June 2019, a Game of Thrones-inspired track with ambient and lo-fi elements mixed with chamber pop, vocalist Tari’s vocals subtly soaring over floaty guitar riffs. The band’s visual materials seem to have taken inspiration from natural scenery, images of ghosts, and industrial imagery, which adds to Karsha’s uniqueness.

On July 24, Karsha released their second single “0/10”, in which the band blended their usual chamber pop sound with shoegaze, an interesting experimental move as shoegaze is also not a common genre found in the local music scene. For this single, Karsha worked with producer Sasi Kirono, who also helped produce the band’s first single. “0/10” is a take on a rather personal fight against mental illness and loneliness, a song depicting motivation and hope for those who are currently suffering with their mental health. Listen to the song here:

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