Day6’s The Book of Us: Gravity – The Rise of Korean Rock

By: Claudia Siregar |

With the rising popularity of K-pop idol groups during the last few years, Korean music has begun to reach a new high. As Korean pop music gets more and more prominent in the world, fusions of genres such as EDM, jazz, rap, synthpop, Korean folk, and rock are becoming popular in the scene, even with idol music. Enter DAY6, a rock band managed by K-pop mogul JYP Entertainment who has recently broken into the international market with their fifth EP “The Book of Us: Gravity”.

The album opens with “For Me”, an uplifting song about giving one’s self the credit they deserve, with 80’s power rock-influenced melody, continued with the first single off the album the pop punk-inspired “Time Of Our Life”, reminiscent of mid 2000’s Japanese rock with upbeat, catchy instrumental (bassist Brian Kang himself has mentioned that this song is inspired by anime OSTs). After the first two tracks, we are taken to a warmer atmosphere by “How to Love”, a mid-to-slow tempo track with new wave-influenced guitar sounds that mix in nicely with light electro synths, “Wanna Go Back”, a funk and blues-influenced number reminiscent of The 1975’s first album with smooth transitions between chorus and verses and the most equal line distribution between vocalists, and the piano rock number “Cover” reminiscent of 90’s British rock and DAY6’s previous hit track “Hurt Road”. If there’s a low point to the album, it would be the dance-y “Best Part” – a party anthem that doesn’t sit well in the EP as a closing track.

“The Book of Us: Gravity” is not a far departure from their usual blend of pop rock and alternative rock sound, this time with a touch of pop punk reminiscent of early 2000’s Fueled by Ramen bands and J-rock. Compared to their previous works, “The Book of Us: Gravity” sounds less melancholic and more guitar-heavy, with neater production and a notable improvement in main vocalist Park Sungjin’s gritty vocals as shown in the tracks “For Me”, “Time Of Our Life”, and “Cover”.

Rating: 7.9/10
Favourite track: For Me

Listen to the album here:

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