The City Series, vol. 3: Yogyakarta

By: Dinda Aza’ara Putri |

Yogyakarta might be one of the most chill cities in Java – not only because of the people who live there, but also because of the vibes the city brings. Yogyakarta has their own charm that makes tourists want to stay there longer than they have to – their panorama, cheap local food, and the kindness of the people. Whenever I’m in Yogya, it’s as if I’ve totally forgotten about Jakarta as I’m immersed in the beauty of Yogya. For this playlist, I have curated a few songs that might be the perfect travel companion to a trip to Yogyakarta consisting of songs that I listened to when I was in Yogyakarta earlier this year – this playlist is also a good trip companion if you just want to have a chill drive. Hope you’ll like it!

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