Under The Radar Indie Folk

By: Michael Kevin |

Indie folk artists have been lesser known to most music enthusiasts, but it does not necessarily mean they are not good. The ambience of acoustic guitars with generally strung between happy and upbeat lyricism which is perfect to start your morning with a cup of tea, or dark and mellow lyricism which is suitable for people who wanted to sit down and contemplate about certain things or people, depending on which kind of mood artists wanted to lean with. But nevertheless, indie folk is certainly very suitable for everyone who is desperate for peace and quiet, while listening to the strings of acoustic guitars with sometimes an addition of violin strings or piano sounds to create more depth.

Unlike genres such as pop or rock, indie folk is less likely to generate streams as many as the genres previously mentioned, thus rarely making it into radio plays. To pay homage to such an underrated music genre, I have curated a playlist with 20 songs from indie folk artists who have striven under the radar, with a selection of artists including Irish singer and songwriter Rosie Carney, English folk duo Seafret, and Australian band The Paper Kites.

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