Timeless Wandering of Pijar

By: Syahzanan F |

The energetic indie pop rock band who came far away from Medan to Jakarta is back with their newest EP, titled ‘Perpetual’. Pijar brings the main theme of eternal battle between finding yourself and finding a soulmate. After one of their singles successfully got featured as an original soundtrack for a similarly titled movie, ‘Antologi Rasa’, another Pijar song in this album called ‘Menjilat Matahari’ also became an original soundtrack for a local movie called ‘Single 2’.

‘Perpetual’ came with a total of six tracks with mostly easy listening melody, starting from the first track, ‘Gelisah’ about waiting for a past love to come back while still being able to live a life, a song with upbeat melody about a connection between hope and anxiety. The second track serves us with easy listening guitar riffs and beats titled ‘Peran Dua Arah’, which tells us about a romantic relationship between two people who try to understand each other’s role in the relationship. This album also includes cheerful funk pop number ‘Filantropi’, which tells a story about finding the right partner for a lifetime journey.

If you’re a fan of sorrowful-sounding tunes, ‘Sandiwara Dunia’ is the perfect track for you, decorated with harmonized gloomy acoustic guitar and accordion, talking about a current mistake that has been made and the remembrance of past charming memories. There’s also ‘Dinamika Rasa’, which talks about the comforting feeling in imagination, expressed through melancholic indie rock guitar riffs mixed with synth beats. The last track, ‘Menjilat Matahari’ is an experimental track blended with rock beats that tells us not to care about being single in sea of couples and the strange logic behind people falling in love. Overall, ‘Perpetual’ is a compilation about the eternal journey of life expressed in a romantic way.

Overall rating: 8.5/10
Favorite Track: Filantropi

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