Introducing Lunar Motel: Creating a Haunting Atmosphere with an Out of the Box Concept

By: Michael Kevin |

Lunar Motel is a band based in Jakarta consisting of members Raka Adhitama and Pradhaneswara Vikramandaru. A newcomer in the music scene of Jakarta, the duo brings up a concept that normally people would not consider, a fictional universe surrounding a motel.

To put more insight regarding the concept, the band roleplays as the concierge or the staff of the motel. They are the ones controlling the motel to make sure they give their best services to the listeners, or in this case, the guests, with the expectation that the guests are enjoying their night in the motel so that when they leave the motel, they will leave with a lasting impression of the motel. As the motel’s staff, Lunar Motel wanted to share their stories through music, hoping that their listeners could relate to their stories and enjoy their music.

Their very first single, “Modern Greek Tragedy”, is a sad anthem with an influence of bedroom pop and lo-fi music, sharing similarities of bands such as Mellow Fellow or Vansire, with simple, yet gut-wrenching lyrics that talk about coping with the loss of someone dearly, along with the feeling of loneliness and hopelessness that comes after, followed by lyrics of reassurance, trying to convince the listeners that everything is going to be okay, sung by singer Kharinta Adella, which easily forms the track into an atmospheric and poignant song. The song itself has a somewhat submissive vibe with such sad lyrics, which might be suitable for those trying to cope with their sadness or grief after the loss of someone they thought was really meaningful to them.

Lunar Motel has earned themselves a cult following with their song and concept in general, generating a little spark in the local music community. With a solid single as the foundation of the band to thrive, exciting times and bigger things are waiting for the duo to share more of their stories to the listeners. I’m definitely waiting for new releases by Lunar Motel in the future.

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