Tribute to B.I: iKON of the Revolution

By: Claudia Siregar |

The leader/rapper of hip hop-infused K-pop group iKON, Kim Hanbin, known as B.I to the general public, was recently caught in a controversial situation over alleged attempted drug purchase that ended up with him leaving YG Entertainment just a few years after his debut with iKON. B.I’s departure caused further controversies among those concerned – particularly due to the fact that Hanbin is seen as the backbone of iKON.

However, the notion that Hanbin is the backbone of iKON is not without a cause. Other than being an idol, Hanbin is an award-winning record producer and songwriter, having received the Songwriter of the Year award at the 10th Melon Music Awards. The song Love Scenario, which he co-produced and co-wrote alongside bandmate Bobby became a big hit for iKON. It was the first song in Korea to be certified Gaon platinum in the streaming category by the Korea Music Content Industry Association and awarded the Best Song of the Year at Melon Music Awards in 2018. Aside from producing this hit for iKON, Hanbin also partook in producing and writing other iKON songs – a big number of them. It’s safe to say that Hanbin is indeed the backbone of the group.

To pay tribute to the great producer and singer-rapper-songwriter, I have curated a playlist of his best works for ikonics, casual listeners, and those who are looking into B.I’s works in the light of recent controversies to enjoy.


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