Introducing: Black Canvas

By: Claudia Siregar |

Introducing Black Canvas, a Melbourne-based duo formed in 2014 by Louis Pyo and Syena Radityatama. With Louis’ background in metal and Syena’s past works with his solo blue project, together Black Canvas formed a solid guitar-based unit, with strong blues elements in their music. The duo started writing their original songs in 2016 and came up with their first release two years later, a self-titled EP consisting of 6 blues-influenced indie rock tracks, centered on experimental, yet easy-to-listen-to guitar play. Two songs off the EP, “I Don’t Know” and “Stop Pretending” were released as singles beforehand.

This year, Black Canvas planned to continue on with their second EP, “Black Canvas pt. 2”. Having released “Glowing Mystical Vibe” and “You Don’t Even Know” last month, they have recently released “Fading Away”, a mellow post-breakup track. Consistent with the duo’s blues-influenced yet modern-sounding production, the track combines soft, blues-inspired guitar sounds with light, modern-sounding synths, accompanied by airy vocals from Louis. Though the sound design is neat and light, there is an element of the song that makes it sound heavy – the lyrics, talking about letting go of one’s feelings towards another – something that’s hard to do but needs to be done. It’s as if the song illustrates how one can sound so contrastingly casual about talking about something as sad as a breakup.

Overall, it’s safe to say that as a growing guitar-based unit, Black Canvas is more than ready to show the world their very own blend of modern guitar music and blues rock. If you are into high quality production and a mix of the old and the new, their music is definitely for you.

Listen to Fading Away here:

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