Review: Touché by The Side Project

By: Riefan Novalde H |

The most memorable emo band from Jakarta “The Side Project” is finally back from the dead with their new single titled “Touché”, which was released on June 10th, 2019. If you’re following the local emo music scene, you’d remember the band’s name was prominent in the early 2000’s. This band was formed in 2001 and became the pioneer of Jakarta’s emo music scene and one of the most influential emo bands in Indonesia.

The Side Project itself consists of members whose names are already familiar to the local emo scene as a result of their other projects; Faddy (March) on vocals, Dochi (Pee Wee Gaskins) on the guitar and vocals, Fajar Putranto (Beatrix) on the guitar, Dika Hardie (Too Late To Notice) on the bass, and Pasha Arief (2 Steps North) on the drums.

Their new single “Touché” is an emo love song with a modern touch, yet still dominated by early 2000’s emo/pop punk music in some parts especially in the Pre-Chorus and the part after Chorus II. They put the iconic “Maybe we could even save the world, hear the streetlights call for us, you have my heart please keep it beating” and “Run away with me get out of town, this place is bringing you down, I’m on my knees don’t keep me waiting” as their punchline in the chorus.

“Touché” is the first single for their upcoming album titled “Looking Back”, which will be released soon. This album will be very special since it includes remakes of their previously released songs such as “Tanpa Suara”, “Teenage Heartbreak Propaganda”, “Setahun Ke Depan”, “Persetan Dengan Dia”, etc. This album will bring back the nostalgia of the early 2000’s local emo scene era. Can’t wait!

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