Sal Priadi & Nadin Amizah walk through the past in ‘Amin Paling Serius’

By: Patricia Kusumaningtyas |

You’ve seen it on Instagram—visual previews of singer-songwriter Sal Priadi clad in traditional garb and rising young musician Nadin Amizah (also known through her Instagram handle, cakecaine) in a decorously-veiled white dress, dancing in the middle of a dimly-lit abandoned building, with a voiceover of them reciting poems and lyrics of their creation. These previews are aimed to promote their latest collaborative single, “Amin Paling Serius,” Priadi’s fifth headlining single and Amizah’s fourth one.

The video previews might seem somewhat dark and otherworldly, but the track itself gives off a familiar tone. The keyboard-piano intro reminds us a lot of the intros of pioneer Indonesian pop ballads, especially those in Chrisye’s canon. (Once I listened to the intro for “Amin Paling Serius” for the first time, I was reminded of how I felt when I listened to his “Andai Aku Bisa” for the first time—sullen, melancholic, and nostalgic.) Priadi’s mellow croon soon follows the intro, with Amizah answering him soon after.

Besides of their musical composition, “Amin Paling Serius” also shows the lyrical prowess of the two songwriters. The male protagonist of the song sings about the female protagonist being born of moonlight and beauty (“Aku tau kamu lahir dari / Cantik utuh cahaya rembulan”), while him being born of thunder and sorrow (“Sedang aku dari badai / Marah riuh yang berisik / Juga banyak hal hal yang sedih”). This mirrors in the later verse, where the female protagonist sings about the male protagonist being born of roughness (“Aku tau kamu tumbuh dari / Keras kasar sebuah kerutan”) and her being born of false comfort (“Sedang aku dari pilu / Aman yang ternyata palsu”).

The two protagonists acknowledge each other’s flaws in their backgrounds (“Tapi menurut aku kamu cemerlang / Mampu melahirkan bintang bintang”), and through this, they are able to lead each other in their journeys, finalizing their vows in the titular ‘amen’: “amin paling serius seluruh dunia.” Priadi and Amizah can truly construct a narrative of two lovers unsure of themselves, and craft each others’ companion by acknowledging their flaws, leaving the past, and looking forward into the future. However, the instrumentation makes the whole song feel nostalgic; Priadi and Amizah craft this story as if it were an age-old story of star-crossed lovers—like Aeneas and Dido, Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde.

Bringing it back all together, “Amin Paling Serius” reeks of nostalgia. Just as how in the visual previews we see Priadi and Amizah venturing dreamily through old hallways and rooms, listening to the song feels like returning through a place you’ve known and left a long time ago. However, the fact that it’s the past doesn’t make it obsolete; there might be something new in looking at the past.

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