Peeking Inside Jibs’ Empty Room

By: Claudia Siregar |

On May 31st, local rapper Jibs released his single “Empty Room”. Produced and mixed by none other than himself under the mononym sleepyboi, Jibs serves us with a lo-fi hip hop track decorated with trap beats and self-written lyrics about lingering heartbreak and his perspective on life. “Empty Room” is quite a catchy take on the void one feels after a series of unfortunate events in life.

The track opens with an ambient intro, as Jibs starts rapping. The song breaks into a more trap-influenced direction later on, as Jibs’ flow gets quicker than before – yet he still doesn’t miss a beat. The ambience of the song stays solid throughout the song, with warm synths complementing the busy-sounding beats. Other than being a promising new player in the Indonesian hip hop music industry as a rapper, Jibs has proven himself to be a competent producer as well. Thus, we hope to see more of the almighty Jibs in the future – and we wish him good luck with everything so his room won’t be empty anymore.

Enter Jibs’ empty room here:

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