The Day We Meet Kyuhyun Again

By: Claudia Siregar |

Widely acclaimed as one of K-pop’s best singers to date, Super Junior’s main vocalist Cho Kyuhyun, better known as Kyuhyun, makes his return to the industry with his double single album “The Day We Meet Again”, after the release of his acoustic folk pop single “Time With You”. “The Day We Meet Again” consists of two Kyuhyun-signature melancholic piano ballads, with Kyuhyun taking part in co-composing and co-writing his new material.

The first track off the single album is “Aewol-ri”, a piano-heavy pop ballad with an orchestral touch. Similar to Kyuhyun’s usual breakup ballads, the song seems to be a sequel to his 2014 hit “At Gwanghwamun”, judging from its use of the name of a specific place in Jeju Island and its lyrics. “Aewol-ri” is a classic SM ballad at its finest, decorated with Kyuhyun beautifully singing over piano and violin sounds. The production is rather dramatic, with a climax at the bridge in which Kyuhyun belts two high notes in a more than impressive manner.

“The Day We Meet Again”, however, takes a different direction from “Aewol-ri”. Don’t be fooled by the intro, this number is a pop-rock ballad, similar to Kyuhyun’s previous release “Still”. Similar to “Aewol-ri” being a followup to “At Gwanghwamun”, this track is a followup to Kyuhyun’s single “The Day We Felt The Distance”. Though not as catchy as “Aewol-ri”, “The Day We Meet Again” is a track worth listening to, especially if you’re into guitar solos.

Meet Kyuhyun again here:

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