Rebel Girl – Angels & Airwaves

By: Riefan Novalde H

It’s always interesting to talk about the Space Rock supergroup Angels & Airwaves, after 3 years since their last EP “Chasing Shadows” released in 2016, finally Angels & Airwaves surprised his fans and revives their music by releasing a new single titled “Rebel Girl”, this song was released under Rise Records on April 30th, 2019. It’s really exciting to know them joining the Rise Records family.

“Rebel Girl” was dominated by 80’s synth vibes combined with simple guitar riffs as Delonge’s characteristic. Instrumentally, there’s nothing special in this song if we compare it with other Angels & Airwaves songs, but “Rebel Girl” sounds more fun and easy listening. With some “magical” sounds coming from synthesizer. Overall, It could give us another option to enjoy the love song with 80’s and Spacey vibes.

The lyrics sounds a little bit “cheesy” for me, but still good for a love song. My favorite parts are “Every little thing you do is like a tidal wave, a fire deep within those eyes, the kill is so cliche” and “Come my way, come come, I gotta tell ya, the shoe fits my Cinderella”.

Tom Delonge said in a statement that Rebel Girl is a space-age love song that combines his enduring obsession for new wave, pop punk, and anthemic rock and roll music. As we all know, he recently took a brief minute to start up an aerospace company so he said that he might play this song from satellite deep in space, beamed toward everyone’s house viciously on repeat.

For now, Angels & Airwaves is preparing their North American tour that will start in September 2019, based on their instagram posts, the tickets of their shows are selling out fast.

Listen to “Rebel Girl” here:

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