Catching My Lucky Egg with Summer Salt

Summer Salt released another holiday song in April 19th 2019. After releasing “Harvest Fair” on last year, this year Matt and Eugene brought another joy of holiday song for us during easter. “My Lucky Egg” is another ‘sunday morning’ kind of song they released, that makes our free time calm and chill. Not only from the title, you can also predict that the song is a holiday song from the single’s artwork which includes Matt putting the egg and Eugene finding his lucky egg with happy face.

The song starts with matt’s voice singing “na” with guitar tune and Hi-Hat being opened and closed slowly by foot pedal. This song is about someone who feels miserable because he can’t find his lucky egg so he asks another day to search it (you can see it on “Oh, I’ll look for my lucky egg”). They bring “lucky egg” as a representative for easter egg. The instrumental tune is calm as usual. With the instrumental and Matt’s high-pitched voice, you can’t predict the theme of the song because the lyric is pretty divergent with the instrumental ( the lyric makes you feel under pressure to look for the egg but the instrumental makes you want to lay down and sleep).

Summer Salt always brings us chill and retro moment with their song as usual. With their consistency from 2015, they make their fans stuck in their lane and also gain another fans. I would recommend this song to everyone who needs a calm situation on sunday morning.


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