Review: YOU by Xiumin

By: Zessa Ghaisani |

Five months into 2019, many members of 2nd generation boy groups had enlisted in the South Korean military service. This month is Xiumin’s time, as the eldest member of boy group EXO, he enlisted first among the other members. The track “You” was released as his farewell to the fans through SM Station 3, two days after he enlisted in the military, and five days after his solo fanmeeting “Xiuweet Time”.

Listen to Xiumin’s “You” here:

Xiumin is known for his quiet but bubbly persona—he doesn’t talk much but he always radiates positive energy towards everyone around him. His previous solo performance, “Beyond”, which was performed in EXO Planet 4: The ElyXiOn [dot] concert dates, radiated upbeat energy, along with powerful dance moves. But his latest single for SM Station shows somber, yearning energy in it.

“You” was composed as a ballad, at a duration of 5 minutes and 7 seconds. It tells about the gratitude that the singer feels towards the people around him, how he cherishes every single moment they share and how he will always love them no matter what.

Xiumin delivers high quality vocals in “You”, and he owns the song completely. The emotions he delivers make the song sound even sadder to listen to—as we wouldn’t see Xiumin in any EXO group activities until he discharges later. The sad track is also accompanied by an aesthetically pleasing music video. With a low saturated tone and nice cinematography, it feels like we’re watching a drama episode rather than a music video.

In my personal opinion, I honestly think Xiumin could do better for his solo track, as the track sounds oddly familiar—like a sad drama soundtrack. But then again, “You” is a good ‘farewell’ track, perfect to be released right in the moment of his enlistment.


Music Video: 8 out of 10

Song: 6 out of 10

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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