Discussing Fear / Loathing with Tiad Hilm

By: Claudia Siregar |

Semarang-based rapper/singer/songwriter Tiad Hilm released his new single “Fear/Loathing” on May 10, 2019 under local music collective HILLS. (which he also co-found). “Fear/Loathing” is an amazingly angsty hip hop number set to fascinate listeners with Tiad’s flow and hard-slapping beats.

Produced by Cosmicburp, “Fear/Loathing” has an experimental sound design that puts a heavy focus on the song’s melody, which is fitting for a lo-fi hip hop track such as this. Combined with cynical lyrics about betrayal and heartbreak resulting from the rapper’s past experience of being cheated on, “Fear/Loathing” makes for a perfect companion for those who are going through relationship pains right now. Tiad delivers his angst in an awfully truthful way through his skillful flow, making it easy for listeners to relate to what “Fear/Loathing” is all about.

The track is meant to be a second pre-release for Tiad’s upcoming second project “Heartbreak Radio”, a followup to his debut album. As such, I’d like to wish “godspeed” to Tiad and HILLS. Collective, and I can’t wait for more hard-hitting beats from Tiad Hilm.

Listen to the song here

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