Rammstein Takes Us to DEUTSCHLAND

By: Claudia Siregar |

German metal act Rammstein is back at it again. Still using uncanny, dark imagery and industrial undertones in their song “Deustchland”, Rammstein takes us through a history of their homeland with pride. This time, the band sparked yet another controversy with their explicit music video – all a part of the show, uncensored and unabridged.

The track itself is an industrial metal song led by a heavy use of synthesizers and electric guitars, starting with vocalist Till Lindemann singing out an awfully familiar line – “Du…hast…” no, it doesn’t continue with “mich”, if that’s what you’re expecting (I must say using the band’s legendary 1997 single “Du Hast” as an opening hook for a post-hiatus release is a damn clever lyrical move). Crystalline synth drops, Lindemann’s growly vocals, and guitar riffs make up a dramatic buildup towards the catchy guitar-and-bass heavy chorus. Overall, the song has pretty much a similar formula to any other Rammstein single, yet this time, it’s undeniable that the instrumentation of the song has resulted on a heavy emphasis on the drums.

It’s also worth noting that the melody of the chorus sung by Lindemann is similar to that of Du Hast – okay, Rammstein, I see what you’re trying to do here. While the lyrics tell us about the history of their beloved country and what made Germany in the eyes of Rammstein, the music itself takes us back to what made Rammstein – the history of the band itself. Another interesting thing Rammstein did this time around was the well-executed tribute to the Joseph Haydn-composed German national anthem as Lindemann chants, “Deutschland über allen”. Rammstein’s pride and sense of belonging keeps decorating the song as they go along.

As for the music video itself, Deutschland ignited controversy in Germany due to its explicit display of Holocaust-related visuals. This isn’t the first time the band has sparked controversy in their home country, remembering the banning of their album “Liebe ist Für Alle Da” in 2009 due to imagery related to sadism and masochism. A few people have asked for the video to be banned since it was considered politically incorrect and triggering, yet some have taken to the video as a realistic account of the darker side of German history, a way of telling people that history is to be learned from.

Overall, unlike most bands that mellow down and try to seek for less controversy with age, Rammstein has proven themselves to be a band that gets progressively more brutally honest and more controversial with age. In the middle of today’s happy pills, Rammstein is definitely the one that’s the hardest to swallow – maybe for a good reason, if we all agree that history is to be learned from.

Rating: 8.2/10

Listen to the song here

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