Review: White Wind by Mamamoo

By: Claudia Siregar |

K-pop vocal powerhouse Mamamoo is back with their newest mini album, “White Wind”. Having been extremely active for the past few months, the mini album features self-produced tracks from the member and a solo track from vocalist Wheein (you may know her from one of Jungkey’s collaborative albums). The album still features funk and jazz elements, along with newly heard trap influences (could probably be attributed to influences from vocalist Hwasa’s recent single “Twit”).

The first track off the mini album “Where R U” is somewhat trap-influenced, with soft synths and upbeat drum beats complementing the vocalists’ sultry vocals. Later on, we move on to “gogobebe”, the first single off the EP which got Mamamoo a couple of wins. Not unlike their chart-topping single “Egotistic”, “gogobebe” contains heavy Latin music influences combined with tropical dance pop – this time with more emphasis on rapper Moonbyul’s rap, continued with the third track off the EP, “Waggy” – a calm acoustic guitar-dominated number perfect for afternoons by the beach. The next track off the album is “25”, an anticipated solo track from Wheein. Unlike the trap and Latin dance pop-influenced tracks off the album, “25” is a soft R&B ballad that takes us to a somewhat softer dimension of Mamamoo’s music, with Wheein’s sweet vocals and the crystalline aura of the sound design.

For those who have listened to Mamamoo since their debut and wonder “where did the ballads go?”, wonder no more. In “White Wind”, Mamamoo served us with two notably old Mamamoo-reminiscent ballads: “Bad bye”, a sultry breakup song with remarkable belts from the vocalists, and the EP’s outro “4season” – which comes up right after “My Star”, an electro-pop number that features main vocalist-leader Solar rap-singing.

Overall, Mamamoo has a lot to offer in “White Wind”, with crystal clear production, their habit of making dynamic, genre-bending music, and their ever-so-powerful vocals. Give “White Wind” a listen here:

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