Featured Artist: Meet Bánanách!

By: Riefan Novalde H |

If you’re familiar with Riot Grrrl or feminist punk bands like Hole or Bikini Kill, you should check out this heavy, fuzz-driven, punk rock trio from Bandung named Bánanách.

Bánanách was formed in 2014, having gone through quite a few member changes and after several times of hiatus, finally they’re back with a single titled “Aphrodites” in mid-2017. With the combination of punk and 90’s alternative rock/grunge music, they want to criticize the disingenuous and two-faced, and this generation’s habit of consumerism through sharp and straight lyrics such as “Hey, Leech! What is the point of being the stupidest Aphrodite of all?”, and “Where are the brains go? Did you put it in your Givenchy purse?” (This one is my favorite part).

After releasing their first single, they are completely back in the scene. With their recent formation which consists of Karina Sokowati (Vocals), Mojan Ayu (Guitar), and Fay Murrays (drums), they have just recently released a new demo titled “Wasted Demo”, along with their brand new single titled “Dusty Spaces”.

If you’re curious about Bánanách, let’s jump to their bandcamp site and listen to their songs! (https://bananachtunes.bandcamp.com/releases)

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