Review: SASAMI’s Self Titled Album

By: Dinda Aza’ara Putri

Sasami Ashworth or well known as Sasami is back with her self-titled debut album this month after releasing a few singles in 2018. The former Cherry Glazerr keyboardist started her solo career recording her demos using an iPad and writing her lyrics on her smartphone’s notes app. This album in particular has a melancholic feel to it.

The album starts with “I Was Your Window” featuring Dustin Payseur, bringing the atmosphere of a gloomy, sorrowful day (“I was a window into something you didn’t like/So you blamed it on me”) and sparks of synth and slow tempo guitar sounds, making the atmosphere even gloomier than before. The next song is “Not The Time”. Different with “I Was Your Window”, this is a pretty upbeat number that can make you dance to the rhythm of the music. This song is about someone who questions a few words that someone said to her ( “But you said that you would save some space for us”). The third single is “Morning Comes”, starting with drum beats and bass guitar sounds mixed well with synths and Ashworth’s voice. Ashworth seemed unapologetic in this song, as heard from the lyrics “I am not sorry”. The next song is “Free” in which Ashworth collaborates with Devendra Banhart. The song is about someone who wants to spend all of their time to be free with a significant other and not care about what’s going to happen the next day. This track is an acoustic song, although there are still some synths present in the song. The fifth song is “Pacify My Heart”, which tells the story of a person having a throwback about an old relationship and realising that the pain from the loss is bearable. Like the title, the tune will pacify our heart with its slow tempo and synths. “At Hollywood” is the sixth song off this album. This song’s about everything that we’ll get in Hollywood. Not like other songs off the album, this song’s lyrics are pretty much simpler than the others. The next track is “Jealousy”, which starts with electric drum sounds and layered vocals. “Callous” as her eighth track off the album, is about someone who’s recalling her past after everything that she’s been through. Next, we have “Adult Contemporary” featuring Soko. The slow tempo and melancholic vibe of the guitar will make you feel bad for the singer. The last but not least, “Turned Out I Was Everyone” is an electropop tune about someone who used to think that she was the only one who felt lonely at night, until she realised that everyone else felt lonely at night too. Here’s a fun fact: the song’s lyrics only consist of the same three sentences being repeated over and over again.

Sasami has proven that her debut album can be considered unique. Although the album brings on sad vibes through series of complicated lyrics, it’s still somewhat coffee shop-worthy. This album isn’t Sasami’s best, yet still worth a try.

Favorite tracks: “I Was Your Window” and “Free”.

Rating: 7.5/10

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