Between Days with Far Caspian

By: Dinda Aza’ara Putri

UK trio Far Caspian released their first EP last year in November. Between Days consists of five tracks, compiling their three singles with new songs “Between Days” and “Finding My Way Home”. Formed in January 2018, this band consists of Joel Johnston as the frontman and guitarist, Jof Cabedo on the drums and vocals, and Alessio Scozarro on the bass and vocals.

The album kicks off with its title track “Between Days”. This song tells the story of someone who’s having flashbacks of their hometown and feeling homesick, as heard from the lyrics “Retrace my steps back through the west”, complemented by small glimpses of synth sounds in the background. “Between Days” is a mellow tune, which adds more to its nostalgic feel.

Next, they got “Blue” as their second track. This track is about someone who realized that he can’t continue on with the uncertainties he faces in love and decided to moved on. The beat is quite danceable and upbeat. You can dance to the song while thinking of letting go of someone you love.

The third track is “The Place”. In this song, the singer talks about social anxiety. The singer think he’s not good enough for his partner, as heard from the lyrics “I love it when she calls me up / But I know I never say enough”. The tune is pretty slow, but not too mellow.

“Let’s Go Outside” is the fourth track off this EP. “Let’s Go Outside” is about someone who tries to get out of a bad situation or a bad habit so they can continue on with their life. Not only on the lyrics are motivational, the tune of the song will also uplift the spirit of the listener.

Last but not least, “Finding My Way Home” tells the story of someone who has to settle down in a new place after moving away from home. The theme of the song is pretty similar to “Between Days” since it talks about one’s feelings toward their hometown. The song starts with a slow tempo and ends with a fiery finish.

Overall , “Between Days” is a bittersweet-sounding EP. Most of the songs sound sad yet happy at the same time. With melancholic lyrics mixed with well-rounded tune, this EP is totally worth listening to.

Rating: 8/10

Favourite tracks: “Blue” and “Between Days”.

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